Our Wedding: The Reception

Sooo here’s the reception pictures.  With a husband who’s a dancer there was always going to be some shapes thrown on the dance floor, but it was so great to see all of our guests get into the spirit of things.  Check out the pictures you’ll see what I mean!!

The party really got started after our first dance when the surprise Lithuanian  folk group Sutaras turned up. They really got our guests laughing like they’ve never laughed before.  I love looking back at these pictures and seeing such joy on people’s faces.

We had our main reception in a marque at the back of the manor house that was on the terrace that looked out over the lake, it was stunning in the evening with all the candles burning on the banister.  We then had a separate quieter room in the house that we served lots of desserts and our wedding cake in.

The vases for the centrepieces I bought in Zara and I am selling.  If you’re interested then please email me at adelle@peoniesandpearls.co.uk.

My mother and sister made hundreds of cute heart shaped welsh cakes that we put in plastic bags and wrapped them with a pink velvet ribbon and name tag and placed them at each place setting.  Being from South Wales I wanted something to represent my heritage.

I bought our cute vintage cake topper from ebay.  It’s actually a 70s keepsake ornament of Barbie and Ken :o)

As another highlight of the night we bought lots of wishing lanterns that we all sent up into the sky at midnight. This was a hint to Thailand, where Paulius and I got engaged.  Thailand was the first time I ever saw these lanterns and I thought they were so romantic when we set them off on a beach on New Years Eve.

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