DIY Fanatic: Message in a Bottle

Get your creative juices flowing with this adorable project from Amy Moss from Eat Drink Chic for OnceWed.

These would make super cute favours for each of your guest’s place setting.  How about leaving each of your guests a personal note inside and then leaving another piece of notepaper for them to return the favour??  You can then direct them to put all of their messages to you in the ‘Love Letters’ jar.  What a sweet and original idea as a replacement for a guest book.

You could even customise them to fit in with your colour scheme by using different coloured ribbons or lace instead of twine.  Or how about adding some sweets at the bottom, some old buttons, pearls….you get the idea!  These cuties will be a real talking point and you don’t need to spend a fortune to make them either.  You can pick up small jars cheaply at The Jam Jar Shop.
If you like these ideas you can download the various templates below and re-create the look for yourself.
Love Heart Doily Label – Print onto white textured card and cut around the border. Stick onto bottle with double-sided tape.
Love Letters Heart Doily Label – Print onto white textured card and cut around the border. Stick onto bottle with double-sided tape or punch a small round hole at top, slip some twine/ribbon/lace through hole and tie to jar.
Notepaper Template – Use the PDF template to write your own message (IMPORTANT: You must download and install this free Travelling Typewriter font from Dafont to be able to use the template) then print onto paper of your choice. (I would recommend Kraft paper for this design) Two of the sheets in the template can be edited to create your message, two are blank for your guests to use.

 Small bottles, one for each guest.  Try The Jam Jar Shop
 Large jar– for guests to return their notes
– Attractive pens for guests to write their messages
– Decorative twine, ribbon or lace to tie around the neck of each bottle and around each scroll
 Double sided tape
 Labels for each bottle and for the ‘Love Letters’ jar
 Scissors for cutting out the heart labels
 Notepaper for the labels and scroll
 Cutting board, scalpel and ruler to cut out notepaper designs
 Rounded corner punch for corners of notepaper (Optional)
 Colour Printer

I hope you like this post and some of the suggestions given helps you incorporate this idea into your big day! x
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