REAL WEDDING: Nikki & James Bindrup

♥ So please tell us about the proposal! 

Here’s the story… let me start with a little background… October 19, 2007 was a Friday, but not just any Friday, the Friday before James left on his mission. I was, at that time, in my second semester at BYU. I drove down to Vegas with James’s brother Richard that Friday. It was a long 5 hour drive with someone I didn’t know very well. During the drive all I could think about were the fast approaching several days would be difficult and I wasn’t looking forward to them, to say the least. James knew that, so he tried the best he could to make this weekend as easy as possible for me. Richard and I arrived in late that night. Once we got in James told me he had a surprise for me. He packed a backpack full of “surprises” and we got into the car to transport us to our destination. Our destination was this little park. James had secretly gone to that park before we had arrived and wrote messages with rocks and in chalk on the sidewalk.
This was something really special to us and I guess you could call this “our place.” We don’t have anything like this in Provo or anywhere else.
Okay fast forward… to February 13, 2010…
James and I were in Las Vegas for the weekend. We had a fairly normal vacation Saturday with his family. We went out to lunch, went to a movie, had pizza with the whole family. Then later that night James and I went to the Bellagio. We watched the water show and went to the flower exhibit. Then we went to Golden Spoon (which was my only requirement while we were in Las Vegas). Then… you guessed it… we went to “our place.” I thought we were going to reminisce about our walk 2 1/2 years ago. We begin our walk and he whips out a flashlight and shines it on a rock formation that says “happy b + v day” That means happy birthday/valentines day.
I was in utter shock when I saw that. I WAS WITH HIM ALL DAY! Then it hit me… James works from 2am to 6 am 5 days a week, so he’s always tired. He “took a nap” earlier today, but in reality he snuck out of the house while I was in my room. I had no idea he would sneak out because naps for him are so normal. Anyways back to the walk.. there were various other messages. Then I got to my last message… he handed me the flash light. I saw this message.
I knew what it said, but I wanted to hear it from him. I turned to him and he was on one knee. Then he asked me to marry him 🙂 Needless to say, I said yes.

♥ What made you choose to have a destination wedding? 

I am from California I have had TONS of friends get married at the Newport Beach temple all with very different styles and photographers. I love the Newport Beach California Temple. Its my Temple. It’s gorgeous.

♥ What was the most memorable moment about your wedding day? 

The Sealing was amazing. The experience was so incredible and so surreal (that’s my word for the day). It was really special to have James’s grandpa be the sealer.

Ceremony Venue: Newport Beach, LDS Temple 
Reception Venue: Dove Canyon Courtyard 
Photography and Photobooth: Paige + Blake Green
Videographer: Dave Neeley 
Florist: local friend
Cake: Albertsons
Caterer: Local Friend
Bride’s Dress: The Bridal Center
Bridesmaids’ Dresses: They made them themselves
Groom’s Attire: Men’s Warehouse
Groomsmen’s Attire: Men’s warehouse
DJ: – came with DCC
Ring: Sierra West
Makeup Artist / Hairstylist: Whitney Schoessow (bride’s best friend) 
Special thanks to Paige at Paige + Blake Green for submitting these gorgeous pictures.

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2 Responses to REAL WEDDING: Nikki & James Bindrup

  1. julia says:

    LOVE the photobooth Julia xxx

  2. Laura Wolfe says:

    What an amazingly romantic story. LOVE the photographs and that the bride and groom look like they are really having FUN! That temple does look really lovely. Congratulations!

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