INTERVIEW: Gorgeous Vintage Jewellery – What Once Was

Lianne and I met on facebook and I was really impressed when I took a look at her Etsy shop. Lianne is super duper talented. She takes old pieces of jewellery to make new repurposed quirky pieces of drop dead gorgeousness. Some of her pieces would be perfect to wear on your wedding day, or as a gift to your bridesmaids. Here are a few of my favourite pieces and an interview with Lianne. Please do check out her shop!!

♥ Could you tell Peonies & Pearls a little bit about yourself and how you came to this particular area of design? When did you start making jewellery?

My name is Lianne and I am a Registered Nurse. I started making jewelry about six years ago as a way to feed the creative side of my soul. I began by making sterling and gemstone jewelry. They sold very well but I found it rather boring. I have always been drawn to antiques. For a few years I had an antique booth in a local mall. My 1896 farmhouse is furnished with Primitive Antiques. What Once Was was born when I decided to combine jewelry making with my love of antiques.

 ♥ How would you describe your particular style and what materials do you enjoy working with the most?

I think I would describe my jewelry as beautifully eclectic. I love taking old, forgotten pieces of jewelry and repurposing them into something totally unique. Most of my jewelry is One of a Kind! It keeps me from getting bored! I would like to think that in some small way I am preserving history.

♥ How do you go about creating the designs in your range and developing new ideas for your collection?

Honestly, the antique pieces tell me how they should be used. I may get an idea while working in the garden, reading a book, or just going about my daily routine. I have found that I can’t force the creativity, I just have to act on it when the inspiration comes.

 ♥ How do you source your materials? How long does it typically take to make a piece?

I search antique stores, estate sales and the internet for the components I use. I literally have drawers full of antique bits and baubles. I can’t purchase my components from a wholesaler, so I pick up things I find knowing that I will use them some day.

 The pieces of jewelry I create vary so much as far as how long it takes to make. Sometimes everything ‘falls into place’ just as I had envisioned it, other times I really have to work to get it to turn out ‘just right’!

I always try to maintain the integrity of an antique piece. Therein lies the challenge! Creating a piece of jewellery without destroying it. I feel that if something has survived all of these years, it certainly doesn’t need to be destroyed by me.

♥ Is there anything else you’d like to share with Peonies & Pearls readers?

This will probably seem strange, but I personally don’t wear jewellery!

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