Here’s a really simple DIY project to make your wedding car look all pretty.  I’d team this banner with some pretty ribbons and silver tin cans hanging from the bumper.  That was my plan but we had no room left in the zillions of boxes we needed to take to Lithuania.  Please email me at adelle@peoniesandpearls.co.uk if you’d like me to email you the pdf template.

Print on off white card, ideally with a mottled effect.  I used thick watercolour paper.  Then cut around the grey borders and glue to some pretty ribbon.  Ensure you leave lots of ribbon either end so that its long enough to tie on the back of the car.  I used clear plastic suction cups to fix mine.  You can buy vintage velvet ribbon on ebay.  (sorry about the quality of the pics, I took them on my iphone)

Ideally the sign would be lower down nearer to the bumper, but due to the shape of our car we couldn’t do that.
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