I wanted to share with all you lovely ladies this fab project that I think is an inspiration to all brides to be!!!  Such a sweet idea, I love the fact that Laura and Alastair’s friends and family have rallied around them and are all pitching in.  The iDo project is an international army of friends and family who have been raised to knit one-off iPhone cases. The proud mums, grans, aunties, sisters and friends are busy knitting. Once the 400th case has found a home the army will disband and all funds will go towards Laura and Alastair’s big day.  So far the iDo project has found homes for over 100 cases and I hope to help promote Laura and Alastair’s cause and get them to that 400 mark!

I asked Laura to tell me a bit about her and her hubby to be and how we can all get our hands on one their cute knitted iphone cases.  Oh and what she’s learned so far in case any of you ladies would like to start up a similar project to help fund your weddings….

Alastair and I met through his sister, whom I worked with when I first moved to the UK. It was very soon after we started dating that we both knew we were going to be in it for the long haul. After a year of dating, Alastair proposed on a quiet side street in the quaint seaside French town of Honfleur. It was picture perfect 🙂 And so we set a date of 21 May 2011. Since then I have been busying myself with wedding plans – and The iDo Project. It became very clear, very quickly just how expensive a wedding can be. We weren’t looking to have extravagant celebrity-style nuptial celebrations but I have a large family and lots of friends and it’s important to me that they all witness and celebrate the day with us. Then there’s the added complications and expense of the fact that I wanted to get married in Canada since all my family and friends live there. Alastair’s family is quite small so it made sense. So after some brainstorming about how to pay for the wedding The iDo Project was born! My family and friends and I have been busy knitting iPhone cases. We designed and produced all the packaging ourselves. Inside each knitted case is a little note indicating who knit the case along with a personal tidbit about them.

Our goal is to knit and sell 400 cases, at £10 each, to make a profit of £3,500. Right now we have sold around 100 cases. Cases are currently being sold via Facebook, through face-to-face connections, through Etsy, and through a shop in London called Fabrications.

The biggest thing I’ve learned and that most surprised me was how supportive my family, friends and colleagues have been. Whether they’re knitting, or buying or selling or helping with the launch party (yes! we had a launch party at our office). I was really worried that people wouldn’t want to bother or contribute their time towards helping, but everyone I know has. And that would be my biggest advice to anyone who had a similar idea – don’t feel like a burden asking people for help, because people will rally around you!

Here’s a picture of the happy couple and those fabulous cases.  Such cute packaging too! xo

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  1. Laura says:

    Thank you Adelle! Loving Peonies and Pearls – is certainly providing me with inspiration!LauraThe iDo Project

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