I have a gorgeous Engagement Session to share with you ladies today! I’m a bit of a fan of red heart balloons and the lighting in these pics is stunning!  I won’t babble on to much as Leslie (one half of Duex Boheme) will explain the inspiration behind the shoot in her own words…..

“Me and my partner Ryan are photographers in South Texas- our company is called “Deux Boheme” and our motto is: “we are creator’s, we are dreamer’s, we are artists”
We are very passionate about our art, and always strive to create imagery that is reminiscent of a dreamlike world- part nostalgia, part illustrative, and always quirky with a bit of humor…

The couple we are submitting is Mikey and Hannah…
Mikey has an awesome sense of humor, and is super enthusiastic about his love for comic books -and his love for Hannah of course.
Hannah is classically beautiful and quirky cute at the same time- Modern Audrey Hepburn meets a oh so casually cool Bridget Bardot…

When we first met Mikey & Hannah, we started chatting about Hannah’s love for vintage cameras and photography- in particular the work of Richard Avedon,
Mikey’s love of comic books , and that during their first few dates they went antiquing…from there the conversation naturally evolved into their styled engagement session, and what we were going to plan for it…
Hannah’s words were, “I don’t know what we’re going to do, but I know what I’m going to wear” she went on to describe her striped blue and white skirt, her bright red cardigan, Mikey’s blue plaid shirt, and navy cardi….
Once I heard this, and Knowing that the theme of the wedding would be nautical it seemed obvious- off to the docks!
…but, being who we are- we had to style it and storyline it: first, for a bit of whimsy: Red balloons….red heart balloons to be exact (since it was valentine’s day)
Second nostalgia: vintage suitcases, and vintage cameras- the cameras were both props and used to capture a few shots in film…
and lastly- we took them to have fun, play dress up, and reminisce about their early days of dating at our favorite local antique store- Renaissance Antiques.
Both shoots took place on valentine’s day- and what better way to spend the day of love then laughing with new friends, and witnessing a beautiful quirky kind of love.”

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  1. stunning photography … thanks for sharing & have a fabulous friday!

  2. thanks hun, hope you're well and you've had a fab weekend xx

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